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Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Comment Policy Terms

Revision 8/12/11

I notice that some have opted to include a backlink to their website in the body of their comments. Let me say that when you do that, there is no benefit to you in the search engines. Why? Because Blogger attaches a "rel="nofollow" tag to it. I have no control over that. It is already set in their API script.

However, I do have control over everything else concerning this blog. Other than in the comments body, this blog is set to "do-follow". If you want the full benefit of the search engines ranking help from this blog, simply exchange links with this blog in the Links and Resources page located on the menu or right here. Then you're good to go!

But, suppose you choose not to exchange links with the blog. But you still want the search engine ranking benefit of this blog. Well, you can still have a backlink. Here is how you do that - In the name field use this structure, for example: Tom or Sir-name,(comma)Company Name as your link. Or, Tom or Sir-name@Company Name as your link. Or just your Name or Sir-name as your link.

These are the only acceptable formats for backlinks to your blog/website.

Even better is to take advantage of both the comment name link and the permanent link exchange in our Links and Resources page.

The new policy for comments is as follows

1.) All comments must be related to the post.

2.) All comments must give value to the post and to the reader as well.

3.) All comments should say at least a few more words other than "nice post", or "great post thanks". Give a little heart to the comment, it'll make you feel better and you'll feel like you contributed to the website. Simply speaking, I covet your knowledge and conversation.

4.) Any comments or backlink structure not meeting the above, at my discretion will be removed.

Thanks for coming by...


Note: Webmaster reserves the right to change any of these policies and terms at any time.

Revised 1: August 9, 2011
Revised 2: August 12,2011