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My Review of the Sentry Safe GO135 Black 5 Long Gun Safe

Before reading this Review please have a look at these statistics...

Accidental, Suicide, and Homicide deaths by Firearm:

  • Total accidental deaths per year (all causes), U.S....96,000
  • Motor vehicle accidental deaths per year...43,000
  • Fatal firearms accidents per year...1,100
(The firearms accidents figure is an all-time low, even though the U.S. population is at an all-time high, and gun ownership is at an all-time high.)

  • Fatal firearms accidents age 0-5...17
  • Fatal firearms accidents age 5-14...121
  • Fatal firearms accidents age 15-24...401
  • Fraction of all Emergency Room visits that involve firearms accidents...0.2%
[Centers for Disease Control, all figures]

Accidents of all kinds (not just firearms) constitute the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, but the other four leading causes combined account for 16 times as many deaths as accidents. Accidents constitute a relatively small but easily prevented cause of death.

  • Suicides by firearm, per year...18.000
  • Murders by firearm, per year...14,000
[Centers for Disease Control, both figures]

sentry go135 gun safe
Here we are at the head of the beginning of Spring 2011. I know that as the weather warms up and people come out of hibernation so to speak, so also come out the guns. Whether for hunting or sport we all like to get our guns out and enjoy them.

This review will not touch on the afore shown statistics of Murders, Suicides, and Homicides with guns, but rather gun safety for you and your family. As a gun advocate myself, gun safety is foremost in my mind. If you own a gun then you must believe like I do in our Second Amendment rights.

The right to keep and bear arms! May we forever hold on to that and never give that up.

When you buy a gun, your purchase is not complete until you buy a Gun Safe. Period! When you buy the gun, you buy the Cleaning Supplies, Ammo and a Gun Safe. It’s just that simple. And it's not just for safety reasons. In some states, such as California, if you don't own a Gun Safe, you may face potential liability if your firearm is stolen and later used in a crime.

There are myriads of Gun Safes available on the market today. Some have lock and key security, some have electronic security, and some even have biometric fingerprint security capability.

Since there are so many to choose from, I wanted to do a review of a Gun Safe that was not only strong with quality construction and security, but also reasonable and reachable in price for most everybody. As I have seen the prices can reach into the thousands.

After researching many different Safes those qualifications lead me to the "Sentry Safe GO135 Black Safe 5 Long Gun Maximum Capacity Safe, 3.5 cubic Feet". Let's take a look at the benefits for you of this particular Sentry Safe.

About The Manufacturer, Sentry Safe...
  • Sentry Safe is a family owned Gun Safe Manufacturer with 79 years experience in building Safes. As an award-winning security leader, producing more containers than any other company in the world.
  • Sentry Safe is dedicated to you the consumer by providing quality, affordable, innovative products that ensure your valuables are protected from theft, fire and water. Sentry Safe manufactures many of its products in the USA.
First off, what are some of the features you should look for in a Gun Safe?...

  • Capacity
  • Security
  • Construction
Hang with me now as I open up the features of this Sentry Safe for you and your family.

The Size Matters...

One of the things to consider when your looking for a safe is what are you going to use it for. Such as are you storing Rifles, Shotguns, or Handguns or a combination of all 3. How about Military firearms? Do you have those? It works for them as well!

The nice thing about the Sentry GO135 is its overall capacity to store up to 5 long guns. It has a fixed shelf above the rack to store any cleaning supplies, ammunition, and even your Handguns if you have them. And any other gear that you have.

This Sentry Safe also has a carpeted interior all the way up to the gun racks. Great for protecting your guns from scratches and other damage.

The Sentry GO135 also has a nice durable black powder-coat finish on the safe's exterior which offers a handsome look and many years of maintenance-free use. You'd be proud to show this gun safe off to your friends and family members for sure.

Keep Hands Off...

Since safety and security are at the forefront in your Gun Safe, the Sentry GO135 Long Gun Safe is no slouch here. It will make you rest easy knowing your firearms are secure with these strong quality features:
  • An eight-lever security key with double bit key
  • Solid Steel Door with Concealed Hinges
  • And 2 Live-Locking Steel Bolts
You'll have the peace of mind knowing that no one else will have easy access to your firearms and that your family members and particularly your children are safe.

Its impossible to put enough emphasis on security and this is where this Sentry stands out for you and your family.

The Nuts and Bolts of it all...

Along with the powerful features mentioned above, the strong construction of the Gun Safe was also designed with the ability to be bolted easily to the floor using the mounting hardware that is included.

The Safe also comes with simple do-it-yourself instructions for easy installation.

Safe Dimensions:
  • This Sentry Safe G0135 measures 53.5 x 11.8 x 9.5 inches (HxWxD) inside
  • It measures 55 x 12 x 11.5 inches outside and weighs 72 pounds.
  • Total Capacity = 3.5 Cubic Feet

Final Thoughts...

With all the beneficial qualities opened to you above in the review so far for the Sentry GO135 Long Gun Safe it was mentioned above that when warm weather comes out of the winter months, people like to get their guns out for either hunting or for sport.

But what about if your just an avid gun collector? You don't necessarily care so much for shooting them. Your hobby is collecting and showing off your guns to your friends and going to gun shows. Oh maybe you shoot once in a while but not very often.

I have a friend like that and he has a gun safe for each one of his guns. He prefers Handguns over Long Guns. But it never fails, everytime we get together he wants to show me his latest gun he purchased. And he takes just as much pride in showing me his Gun Safes as he does his firearms.

I'm sure you probably have those same feelings to. But with the strengths shown of the Sentry GO135 Gun Safe you probably think it may take many hundreds of dollars if not thousands to purchase a Gun Safe of this quality.

You're in for a nice surprise with what I've found......but first let's look at

What others are saying about the Sentry GO135 Long Gun Safe...

In fact most reviewers who bought this Sentry Gun Safe gave it a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 on Amazon alone. Theres also plenty of great reviews on the Sentry website.

Here are some of the comments to date: 

  • The unit is very sturdy and has the best build quality of anything that I've seen at this price point
  • I am very well satisfied with this gun safe, especially considering the price I paid for it compared to others
  • Bolted to wall, makes a good deterent to would be burglars
  • This safe was just what we expected
  • Even Better Than it Looks
Does it come with a warranty?...

Yes. The safe is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and meets the California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety.

What's Included?...

Sentry Safe G0135 Black Five Long Gun Maximum Capacity Safe, two double-bit keys, and mounting hardware.

How much Should You Expect to Pay?...

Now heres the nice surprise I was talking about that I found for this review. After some searching around the net and checking prices, the place with the best price is Amazon.

Amazon consistently sells this Gun Safe between *$150 to $210 plus did I mention the Free Shipping option? There really isn't any reason to pay thousands of dollars for a quality Gun Safe when you can get the same quality for this reasonable price.  (* At the time of this writing)

Where Can You Buy The Sentry Safe GO135 Black Long Gun Safe?...

You can buy it from Amazon. They currently have the best deal, especially with the Free Shipping option.

Where Can You Read More Reviews of the Sentry Safe GO135?...

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Click here to read more.

Thanks for coming by...


Great review! Actually, I also have interest in owning a gun just like my other friends have. But, I'm afraid of the risk it could bring to my family specially to my kids. Sometimes, we really can't avoid accidents though we tried to keep it on the safest place we could. Good thing you mentioned it here in your post. It is very helpful to gun fanatics like us. I'll try to share it also with my friends. Thanks...

Nice review... exillent info. thanks for sharing.

Dude.. I am not much into reading, but somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. Its amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.

Thanks for the information i like your post….


That's really amazing. so many accidents, and for what?

My father lost his eye when he was 4 years old while playing with a stick along with friends.

I am sure that reading this review would let him think that he was lucky after all not playing with a gun.

@ Everybody....Guns are a machine. While enjoyable, they are dangerous as well. Do yourself and your family a favor, if you don't have one, click that link up there and get a gunsafe. That review is there for a reason. For yours and your family's safety!

Thanks for the comments....;)

Those statistics are shocking. Especially to see that there's a double digit # next to fatal accidents from 0-5yrs. Do you believe that people kill people or guns kill people?

Nice blog..Very good information posted by you..i like to visit again.

Great review..Excellent information.keep posting such amazing articles..i will be your honest visitor..thanks for sharing.

Even though guns scare me, I know that they are sometimes necessary for self defense. I think if I was going to have a gun in my home, I'd want it in a safe like this. Is this the kind that can be stored under a bed?



Thats a good question. I would say probably not unless you have a bed that is high up off the floor.

However it can be stored into a closet. As it comes with mounting brackets and bolts to to be secured to the floor and to your wall.

As well as double security keys. Thanks for your comment....


With all the crimes happening all around it is wise to keep a gun, but you have to be a responsible gun holder and have to know to keep it in a safe place. Thanks for the gun safe.