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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leaf Blower Reviews: My Review of the Makita 4-Stroke Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Today Makita is a top of the line tool company. The Makita Tools company has every kind of tool just about that you can think of. Power tools are their specialty. Here it is August already and its hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks the swimming pools will be closed again for another year.

Seems like summer just started yesterday. As they say when you get older, "time flys". And it's true! Since in just 6 weeks we'll be entering the fall time of year, I felt a good product for review that is usable by everyone would be a leaf blower.

Everybody has trees and raking leaves is no fun. In fact its work. Depending on how many trees you have and how large your property is tells you how much that work will be.

The leaf blower is a valuable tool for both the home owner and the commercial landscaper as well. As for how my criteria for reviews goes, I looked at many different makes of leaf blowers. For you, what I look for is quality, yet in a price range affordable for everyone.

Now, there are many price ranges for leaf blowers and types. The primary types
  • Electric Powered
  • Gas Powered
  • And Back Pack style
After searching through many of these types, I decided the best quality leaf blower for the money is the Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Grade 4-Stroke 24.5cc Handheld Blower (CARB Compliant).

This blower is very powerful and is a 4-stroke, so theres no need to add oil. As with a 2-stroke motor. This was an attractive feature to me and I believe it will be for you also.  So without any further rumblings, lets see what this puppy's made of....

A Quality Feature

The first thing you notice about the Makita leaf blower is that its CARB Compliant. Let's talk a little about what CARB Compliant is. CARB Compliant has to do with Emissions Requirement.  Like the emissions control on your car or truck.

CARB Compliant stands for the "California Air Resources Board." Which approved Tier III evaporative and exhaust emission regulations for small engines, less than 19 kW, on September 20, 2004. The regulations became effective on October 20, 2004.

This equates to a quality feature of this model of leaf blower engine. Not all Makita models have this technology. In fact not all leaf blowers, the gas powered type, have this technology from other manufacturers as well.

This makes the Makita Model BHX2500CA more attractive as per our quality criteria for this review.

Makita BHX2500CA Description

The Makita Leaf Blower has a cleaner-burning 4-stroke motor which means you don't ever have to mix oil with the gasoline any more. As opposed to the older 2-stroke technology, where you had to mix a 1:1 ratio of oil to gas before you could even use it.

makita handheld
The older 2-stroke engines give off way more emissions which is why they hardly will pass the CARB compliant requirements. This Makita model has the lowest weight in it's class for a 4-stroke, with more efficient performance.

Good for Your Home or Your Business

This Makita is engineered to be the best leaf blower in it's class, for your home or commercial projects. With it's 4-stroke, cleaner burning engine, Makita has shown it's commitment to innovative technology and engineering.

This is a very good quality unit, but you haven't seen the warranty yet. We'll get to that goodness in a bit.

Motor Features
  • Performance
The Makita BHX2500CA leaf blower boasts a powerful 24.5cc 4-stroke (as mentioned) motor capable of blowing air at speeds of 145 mph, with a maximum air volume (cfm) of 356. Folks, if you know anything about wind speed, this equates to hurricane and tornado force air blowing out of the nozzle of this thing. What does that mean to you? Simply, easier work in the fall!
  • Capacity
It has a large 17.6 oz fuel tank for longer runs around your yard before needing re-fueled. The fuel tank has easy access built on the right side of the motor. Just fuel up and git-r-done.
  • Efficiency
One of the nice features of the motor for this leaf blower is its low compression which makes for easier starting and improved design and, most important to you, making the Makita BHX2500CA very quiet at just 67 (dB(A)). Thats way less than what you listen to your music at I bet.
  • Versatility
At just 9.8 lbs weight, this Makita tools leaf blower is light enough to be moved in any direction. And as mentioned earlier with improved EPA standards all at the same time maintaining maximum performance standards. This Makita is a joy to own for your home or business.

More Attractiveness

One of the most important characteristics of this leaf blower is that it has a soft grip for less vibration, and a convenient cruise control lever for reduced operator fatigue. This is important because of comfortability.

And because it weighs just 9.8 lbs, the soft grip allows it to be carried for longer periods without having to change hands. Very nice!

Also in terms of maintenance, it has a dual stage air filter that is replaceable and easily accessible. This is important for maximum engine performance.

That Nozzle Thingy

makita best leaf blowerYeah, the part where the air comes out at. It has about a 2.5 foot re-enforced plastic, tappered nozzle. Coupled with the 145 mph force of air blowing outward creates almost jet powered force, will blow your leaves to not only where you want them but put them in a nice pile as well, in a matter of seconds.

Again making your job in the fall much, much easier. Which is what your looking for in a blower. Even moderately wet leaves can be blown with way more ease than raking them. This is a powerful benefit for you.

The Absolute Specs
  • Engine Displacement (cc) 24.5
  • Power (hp) 1.1
  • Max Air Volume (cfm) 356
  • Max Air Speed (mph) 145
  • Fuel Automobile Gasoline
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (oz.) 17.6
  • Sound Pressure (dB(A)) 67
  • Dry Weight (lbs.) 9.8
  • Shipping Weight (lbs.) 13.0

So What comes in the Box when I Receive It?
  • Long nozzle
  • Round End Nozzle
  • And Tool Kit.

Ok, thats all cool and all, but I want to see some Pro's and Con's? I knew you'd ask!

The User Pro's

  • Don't be fooled by the 145 MPH air speed from this tool. I thought it was going to be underpowered. But most leaf blowing tasks can be done at idle or 1/4 throttle. You can even blow away pesky cobwebs off windows and dry your car.
  • I ordered this to replace my 2 stroke leaf blower. When I heard these leaf blowers were available in four cycle I knew that is exactly what I wanted. For $199.00 I can tell you to buy this leaf blower.

Now some User Con's

  • Although this is the cheapest 4-stroke blower you can buy, I'm afraid you get what you pay for. Mine has always been extremely difficult to start, and with use only became more so.

Sounds to me like this poor fellow just didn't take the time to read the manual before using it. Especially if it was his first bad.

These were taken from users at Amazon. You can read more of them there for yourself. Click here.

Ok, alright, How about a Warranty? Doe's it have one? Oh boy, does it ever!

  • Every Makita 4-Stroke Product and Chain Saw is backed by Makita's 3-Year Warranty that covers repair due to defects in materials or workmanship up to three years from the date of original purchase.

hot girl makita blowerYa think ole boy up there that had some bad luck with his, was able to get his money back or get a new one? I think so. No problem...

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for One?

Right now, (as of the time of this writing)Amazon has the best price for one of these awesome leaf blowers. At just $199.00, you get all that you see above that comes in the box and the warranty. Great for a good quality 4-stroke blower.

And don't let me forget, as always at Amazon, there is Free Shipping. So couple the price, the outstanding warranty, and the Free Shipping together and what do you have? Simple, if you need or want a leaf blower, you have a no-brainer deal here.

Where's the Best Place to Buy One?

Well at Amazon this cool Makita Tools leaf blower has a 4.5 star rating. As well as they seem to have the best price going, I would say at Amazon. Click Here to see it and get yourself one today.

You can't go wrong with Makita Tools. Thats why I picked them over Stihl or some of the other brand names for this review.  It's top quality stuff. Only difference is the massive difference in price you'll pay for a Stihl verses the same quality here in a Makita. Check it and see, you see what I'm talking about!

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