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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grand Re-Opening Celebration!! Free Giveaway!!

new year celebration rocket fireworks display
Hello and Welcome to the Brand New, totally re-created, completely overhauled Kevin's Professional Product Reviews WEBlogsite!!

This brand new website is 110% more aesthetic, better flexibility, and way more interactive then the last site we had. That is if you've been here before and can remember what the old one looked like.

I'm particularly proud of the way better interactivity of the site as I'm sure your finding out. Pretty cool! As well as the greater professionalism it gives off in terms of its looks and operation.

Some of the coolest features are the "featured post slider" that features 5 of my most popular articles for you to choose from. The tabbed easy access "Popular, Tags, and Archives" feature. Making it easier to navigate the site without having to scroll so much through the site.

The home page Recent and Popular post "Summaries" list, again with greater flexibility for finding articles that interest you. The greater flexibility of the Menu's, which is something we never had in the last version of the site.

As you can tell I'm very excited about the new Blog and its abilities. Truly I'm amazed that I've been able to do this transformation in about 72 hours. I had originally posted that it would be 5 - 7 days to re-create the site.

celebration fireworks
I took the site offline on Tuesday night the 2nd of August. As of this writing it's now 1:15am Saturday the 6th and I'm at about 31 hours awake now. It's starting to catch up to me....;) But I've been so excited about this project that I could hardly sleep what the heck....:)

I know some of you have been clicking my links and have been getting that message "this blog has been set to private", well now you know why, if you didn't see my "Announcement" post on July 23rd, about it. The wait is over and we're back online better and greater than ever!

To celebrate this Grand Re-Opening of the New Site, I wanted to give something of value away for free to my visitors in Celebration. For the next 2 weeks I will have up for download a "marketing ebook" that is partly responsible for my site jump from a Google Page Rank of "0" to "2" in just over 5 months! Not bad.

KPPRNote: (8/23/2011) Our Grand Re-Opening Celebration has ended. I hope that most of you that were here for the old site have enjoyed this new site as much as I do. I enjoyed creating it for you. Here is a shot of the old site, just with my mug in there though --->

I have removed the Marketing Ebook free giveaway from the menu. However if you would still like to have a copy of it you can do so. It's still on Google Docs and available - Click here.

I know that if you have a website or blog that, this book will be of great value to you, as well as it was to me. Anybody, thinking of starting your own website or blog this will be of great value to you as well. To get your free "Marketing Ebook" just go to the "Get My Marketing Ebook" button on the menu and click the drop down menu to receive it.

The link will take you to Google Docs site where you can read it and/or save a copy of it to your hard drive.

celebration video-300x200Thank you again for your visits and your continued patronage, and welcome to your new site. I created it for your enjoyment, so thats what I hope you do -

Thanks for coming by...

Kevin's Professional Product Reviews

P.S.: Look for new Reviews and Articles coming very soon.


Hi Kev,

You've done a beautiful job with this site overhaul. It makes me want to tackle my own blog, and if I can find the time, I will.

Also thanks for leaving a link to the Marketing Ebook, I'll check that out next. Happy Grand-Reopening!

@Kedron......Hi Kedron, I think you'll like that Ebook. It's been a good weapon in my repertoire. Good to see you back again..;)


I really like your new look and all the helpful links like that marketing ebook and LinkWithin. Those blog directories are handy too AND your a do-follow blog -- can't get any better than that!

@Kris......Cool..Glad you like it Kris. If you have a blog you might consider exchanging links with my site in the Links and can take advantage of the do-follow part...;) Thanks for the comment...