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Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 12 Apple iOS5 New Features - Coming this Fall 2011

the new apple ios5
Ever since the advent of Apple's iPod shuffle, they have continued to grow to become the world leaders in mobile computing. Today Apple has reached all new heights with their ever popular ios4 mobile operating system.  Soon they will reach even farther with the next upgrade in their OS.

On Monday June 6th, 2011, Apple announced the development of their newest operating systems for their devices.  On that day Steve Jobs spoke to over 5200 attendees at their conference at the WWDC.  The World Wide Developers Conference.

They announced coming this fall 2011 the release of OS X Lion for their Mac Computers, iOS 5 for the mobile devices and their new Cloud computing experience.  In this article I will talk about their iOS 5 for the iphone, i pad, and Apple ipod.

For the new iOS 5, Apple has added over 200 new features to their already outstanding operating system. The current operating system is the ios 4.3 for all the mobile devices. Just when you thought there wasn't anything more they could do to make it better, here they come.

Of course theres no way I could write and tell you all the new features, I will however tell you the top 12 Apple iOS 5 new features. Will you have to buy a new i pad, iphone, or ipod touch?  No!  It will be a simple upgrade for those that already own these devices.

Here are the top 12 new features and their upgrades of iOS 5 in a list.  Then I will tell you a little about each one to familiarize you with them...
  • Notifications
  • Newsstand   
  • Reminder
  • Safari 
  • Reader 
  • Camera  
  • Mail
  • Airplane Mirroring      
  • Gaming
  • Texting
Some of these Apps are not new, but the added features are.  Thats what we'll talk about in terms of their benefits to you.  First up...

Notifications:  Because more and more people are carrying mobile devices today, we are getting more and more notifications.  Apple has integrated their notification system right at the top of the screen in a subtle animation.  No matter where your at or what your doing, you just swipe down from the top of the screen to see your notifications.

From there you see all your missed calls, text messages, etc..  Then just tap and go directly to that application. The Lockscreen is even better. All your messages will be there, just tap to access them all. Very easy.

Newsstand:   Now all your subscriptions are right in one place. Always updated for easy access. They have integrated the Newspaper and Magazine store right into the Newsstand.

Reminder:  The new Reminder App will help you stay on top of all the things you have to do through the day.  It will sync with iCal and Outlook across all your iOS devices.  It also includes location based reminders. To remind you to do something when you either arrive or leave a destination.

Twitter:  With the iOS 5 they've integrated Twitter right into the OS. You only need to sign in once for all your Twitter enabled apps.  You can Tweet directly from Photos, Safari, Youtube, and Maps.  With the tap of a button you can optionally add your location.

Safari:  They've increased web browsing by making Safari even more faster than ever.

Reader:  With the new Reader it will get all the clutter out of the way.  It sets the font size right everytime and you just read through, scrolling through the story. The Reading list lets you save articles to read later on.

And it automatically shows up on all your iOS devices.  With the tabbed browsing its easy to flip between multiple webpages at a time.

Camera:  With iOS 5 you'll have immediate access right from the Lockscreen.  you can use the volume button to snap your pictures.  Apple has added Photo editing, with one tap enhance and red-eye reduction and cropping right on the device.  No need for a separate program.

Mail:  The Mail app will now have new features like rich text editing.  And a new Split Keyboard to make it easier to type.

Airplane Mirroring:  With this feature you'll be able to share everything you do right on your big screen TV.  Play video games, look at photos, and surf the web to name a few. And it even responds to portrait and landscape rotations with every pinch, swipe, and zoom, right on your TV.

Gaming:  In the New iOS 5 they've improved the Game Center even better.  Now you can add photos to your profile.  It will be easier to find new gaming friends and purchase new games right from the Game Center app.

Texting:  With iMessage you'll be able to send messages, photos, and videos between iphone, i pad, and ipod touch users anywhere.  Pretty cool stuff.

iTunes:  With the New iOS 5 you no longer need to plug into your computer to backup and sync to iTunes. Just plug into your power within range of your Mac or PC.  Wi-fi will automatically backup and sync your iphone, i pad, or ipod touch to your iTunes.  Pretty simple.

There you have it, the top 12 new features of the new iOS 5 system from Apple. And another thing they say is that you will no longer need another computer. Its now possible to buy an iphone, i pad, or ipod touch and be able to set it up right out of the box.

No more, ever having to connect to your computer to set the devices up.  I don't know about you but, I'm looking forward to seeing this new operating system in action.  I'm a believer that all of Apple's products are top notch equipment.

Thanks for coming by...


Seems like Apple is non-stop when it comes to technology. I love Apple products and their ipods. I still have yet to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, but since Apple is always coming out with new products, I'm waiting for "the one".

Which one are you waiting on? There all good now.....jump on the bandwagon...the view is great!! Thanks for the comment...

You're right, Kev. I don't know, I'm sure they're in the works of coming out with another upgraded iPhone with more features. I'll be the one who gets the iPhone 4, and then a month later, a new one comes out. Thanks for the advice though!