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Monday, December 26, 2011

Discover Variations of Outdoor Carpeting on Your Deck or Patio

outdoor carpeting luxury
Carpeting in your house is always a benefit, but sometimes it's just as much benefit to have it outdoors as well. Outdoor carpeting brings many luxuries to your patio besides the ordinary plush feeling to your feet as you walk outside on it. It can add a quality appearance and delicateness to your patio or deck.

Some years ago I remember seeing some neighbors of mine using what was known at that time as astroturf or synthetic grass on their decks and patios. In fact some of you may remember that the NFL used to use it on their stadium turfs. Until they realized that the players were getting hurt more easily on it during games.

Then they went back to the real grass turf with ground up tire rubber pieces underneath, to give a more softer landing for the players. Since then many carpet companies have come out with outdoor carpeting made especially for the purpose of patios and such. Astroturf or fake grass turf is more commonly found now in marine vehicles such as boats.

Learn Whats Available

In this article we'll take a look at the different variations of outdoor carpeting that is available to you. This will be a benefit to you, if you are thinking of covering your:
  • Patio
  • Wood Deck
  • Or Any Type Deck
Outdoor carpet comes in a few different variations of types and colors like with regular indoor carpeting. Depending on what your looking for, just like indoors, your choices are...
  • Throw Rugs
  • Area Rugs
  • Full Covering Carpets
  • Carpet Tiles

Again just like with indoor carpeting, outdoor carpets come in different piles (weavings). Let's take look at some of those types available to you.
  • Marine Carpet
beautiful woman on Indoor outdoor carpet
As mentioned before about marine carpet, synthetic carpet or grass carpet, has an absorbent top with a rubber backing on it. This carpeting is best for outdoor carpet where standing water is a problem. Because it is resistant to mold, stains and dirt.

Therefore this makes it one of the more desirable carpeting because of the low maintenance associated with it. This carpet also comes in short or long piles.
  • Cut-Pile
This carpet has natural fibers to it and has a smoother texture. It is best used as a compliment to your outdoor area. The drawback is that it is prone to dirt and can become moldy.
  • Loop Carpet
These outdoor carpets are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Because they come in many wonderful colors. The only drawback to these are the same with the Cut-Pile carpets. They hold water and can become dirty and moldy quicker.

If your outdoor area or deck is covered with an awning or roof, then you'll not have the problem of that worry. Your Cut-Pile or Loop outdoor carpeting will last much longer and your color theme will stay pleasing to the eye.

If rain or water is a great concern for you then by all means go with the grass carpet, short pile. It is far more durable and holds it's color far longer. However as with all materials, another concern is the sun fading. Unless you have lots of shade from trees or awning, you'll need to keep this in mind when choosing your carpet outdoor.

Grass Carpet Properties

Choosing the grass carpeting has the extra benefit because it is made of Olefin on the top and rubber on the back. Olefin is a synthetic material which is also known as Polypropylene. This would be the best choice for your outdoor area if you don't have a cover over the area.

grass carpet is best for outdoor
This Olefin material is highly resistant to water, dirt, and mold. It will last for many years for you and still look almost as good as the day you installed it.

When installing the grass carpet be sure to use a marine glue. Marine glue is especially formulated to resist water. Thats why this carpet is usually used in boats and marine vehicles. With it's water resistance becoming greater, coupling it with the specially made glue.

One other thing to consider here, just like with indoor carpeting, is if you want padding underneath the carpet. So be sure to remember to consider this also in your purchasing.

Average Pricing

Here I will give you some average grass carpeting prices to help you in your decision making. These prices are not all inclusive, and are taken from one wholesale company, just to give you an idea. I'll use the company's names for their grass carpet, which just describes the different piles or types that they have.
  • Hump-N-Bump
    Outdoor Grass Carpet

    Wholesale Carpet Price

    Textured Loop Grass Carpet
    6ft & 12ft Wide - Action Back
    8 Colors Available
  • Grass Carpet Values
    Outdoor Grass Carpets

    Wholesale Carpet Price

    6ft & 12ft Wide - Rubber Back
    12ft Wide - Action Back
    8 Colors Available
  • Cape May
    Outdoor Grass Carpet

    Wholesale Carpet Price
    Roll: $0.79/sq.ft.
    Cut: $0.99/sq.ft.

    12oz Outdoor Grass Carpet
    12ft Wide Material
    6 Colors Available
    Action Back
    Outdoor Carpet Warranty
outdoor carpet rug
These are just a few of what this company has available. As you can see there are many types and piles to choose from.

To Sum It Up

If you're looking to put some pizazz to your patio or deck, you can't go wrong with outdoor carpeting. Remember though if you have a covering over your area, then you have quite a few choices for yourself. However, if theres no covering you should choose the grass carpet.

Even with the grass carpet you have many styles and colors to choose from. And no added worry of rain or weather of any type to destroy your carpet. Your family will have outdoor deck enjoyment for years to come. As well as it's much easier on the feet to.

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