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Monday, May 16, 2011

Awesome Pics: Gunstock, Woodcarving and Engraving

There are lots of different types of artistry around for most anybody.  Everything from drawing to painting, knitting to crocheting, fabric weaving to basket weaving, and the list goes on and on for artworks.  As well as the list for the names of famous artists.

One of my favorite types of art has always been the art of woodcarving.  I'm sure if you have any type of interest in woodcarving you have seen the guy who makes awesome carvings out of tree stumps.  Using a chainsaw to accomplish it with.  Very cool stuff.

However today I wanted to shine the light on a more smaller and tedious type of carving wood.  The type I'm talkng about is done on the butt of a rifle usually.  Gunstock woodcarving and engraving is an art form that there are few who can do it with good accuracy and precision because of the smaller area that there is to work on.

It takes steady hands like a Surgeons or Dentists and special woodcarving tools to create the woodworkers picture on the gunstock.  Not to mention practice, practice, practice.

I'm going to hold back on my long winded article writing, cause I really wanted to share some awesome pics with you, showing you some of the work of people who have done this type of art.  I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I have.

Note:  To see who the Artists are just place your mouse on the picture and see the pop-up.  Also you can click them to see a larger image of them individually.

a1gunstock from ccw hunting

buffalo head from lance larson studios

gunstock art from beauty from scratch

gunstock from bkartchnerstudios

gunstock art from carving dreams in wood

gunstock art from custom made

gunstock art from david stansbury

gunstock art from deb lindsay

gunstock art from deb lindsay

gunstock art from engraved occasions

gunstock art from lance larson studios

gunstock art from lance larson studios

gunstock art from lance larson studios

gunstock art from western rodeo association

gunstock art from steve bartholomew studios

Now thats some really great gunstock woodcarving and engraving artwork!  Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for coming by...


World-class work of art. Love them all.

I have always been fascinated with woodcarving arts, and the pictures above are really awesome! The details are perfect. :)

Wow! The artwork is very impressive. Those pictures are simply amazing.

@ Zulueta
@ Bridal
@ Interact
@ John

It is isn't it!! I think I spent more time admiring those photos than I did writing the article....great stuff!

It is excellent art work. I have never seen such a awesome work.

Awesome and fabulous! Excellent work of art! Thanks for sharing this wonderful art. Such an inspiration.

@ Steam
@ Home

....:) Glad you guys like it...thanks!

The art work is so fascinating and impressive, great work done and shared.

Marvelous work! Love it! Hope I can also try carving. Thinking it's so difficult!

Excellent work. I think my favorite is the one from Carving Dreams in Wood. Looks like he/she went really deep to carve the horse and make the fence so life-like. Thanks for sharing these.