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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hunting - Deer Hunting and Various Types

Bear Hunting Trophy Head
Hunting today is much different than it was years ago. Years ago it was mostly done by bow and arrow by Native Americans. But today with the sophisticated firearms and multiples of tools and hunting supplies, the hunt has become much easier.

This article will give you some valuable information on a little history and various types of the sport.

Some History: Sport hunting means the tracking and pursuing of wildlife game for sport, food, and trade.

Today the term means lawful hunting. Not the form called poaching, which is the killing, trapping or capturing of wildlife for nothing, that is contrary to the law. Of course each state in North America has its own laws regulating such activity.

Hunting has predated the United States for thousands of years. It was also an important part of many pre-Columbian Native American cultures. In fact the Native Americans still today retain some of their hunting rights and are excluded from some laws and regulations.

Still a part of Indian treaties and under Federal Laws are the eagle feather laws and exemptions from Marine Mammal Protection Act. This is particularly important in the Alaskan Native communities and territories. The regulation of hunting is regulated by state laws as stated above.

One great hunting tool: Hunting supplies comes in many different tools and clothing as well as apparatus to use with your firearm all the way to even hunting oils used to deaden the human scent on the hunter. There are hunting outfitters galore on the internet for you to choose from to purchase these supplies.

But of all the various aids and hunting supplies available to the hunter, none are as useful as the dog. The domesticated dog has led to a relationship in which the hunting dog has found an important part in a hunter's life.

The Hunting dogs of today are used to find, chase and retrieve game and sometimes to kill it. Hunting dogs allow the hunter to track and kill prey that would other wise be very difficult with out the dog. Obviously, the hunting dog is an invaluable tool for the hunter.

A bit about hunting pests: Hunting can also be used in the control or elimination of various kinds of pests that plague mankind. This type of hunting can help to reduce or control diseases caused by overpopulation of certain pests. Such as rats, beavers, wolves, or the other many pesky predators. Some in populated areas and some rural areas as well.

In the United States there are Wildlife Managers who are part of hunting regulatory and licensing bodies. They help to set the rules on the number, hunting season times, and the conditions to which game may be hunted.

Various types: Hunting big game usually requires a "tag" for each animal taken. These must be purchased in addition to your hunting license. And the number of tags is usually limited to each hunter. Sometimes depending on the amount of hunters, where there is more than what the governing quota is believed of the game in question, tags are usually given on a lottery basis.

The United States has many Hunting Ranches that are run by ranchers and different gaming clubs and associations. These can be found as well on the internet for your pleasure. Here are a couple of places I have supplied if you care to check them out. I have no affiliation with these.

Game animals are typically divided into several categories for regulatory purposes. Some categories, along with some species are as follows:

  • Big Game:  Whitetail hunting, moose, caribou, bighorn sheep, elk hunting, mule deer, pronghorn, boar, and javelina hunting.
  • Small Game:  Rabbit hunting, squirrel, opossum, raccoon, porcupine, skunk, and armadillo hunting.
  • Fur-bearing:  Beaver hunting, red fox, mink, pine martin, musk rat, otter, and bobcat.
  • Predators:  Mountain lion, bear hunting and coyote.
  • Upland Game Bird:  Turkey, chukar, dove, grouse, pheasant and quail hunting.
  • Waterfowl:  Swan, teal, merganser, geese and duck hunting.

Hunting Humor: President Teddy Roosevelt popularized the role of the hunter conservationist. It has been primary to the development of the modern Fair Chase tradition. When hunting games became popular on the internet, allowing people to use remotely controlled guns.

That type of hunting became wildly criticized by real life hunters. They claimed it was violating the principles of the Fair Chase tradition. A representative of the NRA said " the NRA (National Rifle Association) has always maintained that fair chase, being in the field with your firearm or bow, is an important element of the hunting tradition. Sitting at your desk in front of your computer, clicking a mouse, has nothing to do with hunting."

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