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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make Your Garmin 400C Series Fish Finder a Chartplotter

Garmin 400c installed in boat
Garmin is probably the most widely known and well known for GPS units in the world.  They have GPS for all sorts of activities.  Including biking, hiking, driving and hunting to name a few. Global Positioning Systems are the premier way to go when it comes to keeping track of where your at and your surroundings.

A far cry from the old compass days, GPS can give you all sorts of information.  Even pinpointing right down to within 35 feet of where you are on planet earth.  Gone are the days of road atlases and compasses, move over cause GPS is here to stay, if you can afford it.

Not only is Garmin the leader in GPS but, they are also strong in the Marine market.  With their great fish finders coupled with GPS technology leading the way. Today Garmin has leading fish finders that have built in GPS technology to help chartplotting and finding fish for bass boats and and many other fishing equipment.

When Garmin first came into the fish finding market for fishermen, their finders didn't have GPS capability. Now that they have fish finders with it built right into the unit, what about those of you who bought a unit before they had GPS built in?

You like the unit you have, but you'd like to have the chartplotting ability as well.  And you don't want to spend the $400 or more on a new one that has it.  The solution is to have yours hooked up so it will work as a chartplotter as well.

If you have a 400C series Garmin fish finder it can be hooked up to their CANet system to give it sonar capability and send chartplotting information to your GPS unit in another part of your boat. A hand held unit or mounted.  This article will tell you how to do that and save you money at the same time.

What is CANet?:

Garmin's CANet is a one-megabit Controller Area Network that allows users to connect their unit to one of the new GPSMAP 200, 300, or 400-series chartplotters. This allows boaters to read sonar displays on chartplotters located elsewhere in the boat. Your hand held or mounted GPS becomes the chartplotter.
400c Garmin fish finder

Hook Yours Up for Better Fishing:

NOTE: To use the Garmin CANet system with your Garmin 400C Fishfinder you must obtain a CANet Kit. Contact your Garmin dealer, or visit

Your fishfinder 400C is already a CANet compatible sonar device. Using the CANet optimizes the performance of those compatible units, allowing sonar information from the Fishfinder 400C to be shared with up to two CANet compatible Garmin GPS units.  A CANet connection provides full sonar readings, including Ultrascroll,

So you can view and control the same information on your compatible GPS unit(s) as you can on your Fishfinder 400C. Thereby making the chartplotting capability a real thing.  Without having to purchase a new combination fishfinder GPS.

In your CANet Kit that you purchase will be the installation instructions. After installation be sure to test it, in the water.  Some adjustments and tweaking may need to be made for optimal performance.

Wrap Up:

This should help you to have a better performing fishing season this year and beyond. So don't go out and spend a bunch of money on a new unit. If you have the Garmin 400C just change it over for cheaper and just as good.

Garmin 400c fish finderYou can use the extra money you would've spent on a new one to spend on gas for your boat.  Lord knows you'll need it, cause gas prices are approaching $5.00 a gallon.  I love fishing myself, and have the luxury of living right next to the biggest lake in state of Ohio.  Thankfully, I don't have to go very far to enjoy my sport.

Hope this article is beneficial to those of you that have the Garmin 400C fishfinder. I hope you have a great and fun fishing season this year and beyond.

Note: If you'd like to purchase the Garmin 400C fish finder, at a good price, you can do so

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