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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Is The Next Step for GPS In Your Car

the global positioning system
With the many variables to the uses of GPS for the multitude of activities in life, the ways of its use are becoming countless.  We see GPS being used in biking, hiking, boating, jogging and even Iditarod Dog Racing across the wilderness of Canada.

Not to mention all the commercial uses for it.  GPS is truly extraordinary in its multiples of applications and uses. In the beginning of the consumer use of GPS it was focused on our automobiles.  So I wanted to see what the next step for how it would be adapted in the automotive industry is.

As I was researching for this article I stumbled on another blog where the writer was talking about how Google wants to get into the auto business.  Imagine that, Google getting into the auto industry.  Who'd of thunk that up. Well anyway, the writer explained that Google is in partnership with other companies to create a car that drives itself.

You can't blame Google for wanting to diversify I guess.  Naturally, GPS came to my mind when I was thinking about how this would work.  Sure enough, later in the long article, I read where a patent had been filed with the US Government back in July of 2001, for an additional step for how GPS would be used in our cars.

So far this has not happened yet.  But the patent was approved back in April 2009.  So far as I know, I'm one of the very few who has spoken of or written of this on the internet.  So your getting pretty fresh stuff in this article folks. Now, how do they plan to use GPS and what way are they going to use it thats not already being done?

Without quoting the Patent word for word, I'll put it in my own words as I usually like to write anyway.  The patent itself is a very long read if you get my drift.

The Abstract:

various gps units
What they want to do is say in your car or truck or van, where you have multiple devices such as a DVD Player, Radar Detector, and a Cell Phone, they want to create an automatic notification system using GPS for these devices.   

The Why:

Because in certain states your driving in you are not allowed by law to operate your Radar Detector.  Some states a DVD Player while driving.  And now theres laws in some states that you can't use your Cell Phone without a hands free device connected to it.  As well as new laws to keep people from texting while driving.

The How:

In your GPS unit, in your automobile, will be an option to input the data to each of your devices that you have. For example, for each of the devices mentioned, you would simply input either the devices serial number, or make, and model of the device.

This is called registering.  After you would have all your devices registered into the software of the GPS, the unit will take over from there.  Built within the GPS software system will be a hierarchical list of Jurisdictional Information for each State.  Concerning the use of these devices on their highways and roads.

For example, I believe in the State of Maryland, your not allowed to operate a Radar Detector.  So when you crossed the State lines into the State, and you had your Detector registered in your GPS units software, it would cause an audible alert and a message on the GPS screen.

Such as "Please turn off your Radar Detector, you are not allowed to operate it in this State".  The same for any of the other devices in your vehicle.

The Conclusion:

gps system 3d map
This technology could even be taken a step further. Such as the ability in your GPS to automatically shutdown your device as well as give you info for the State your driving in.  Its amazing what the mind can dream up isn't it!

I think this is a very useful invention that the Patenters have come up with.  Very innovative.  Will you have to purchase a new GPS to use this technology?  I wouldn't think so.  I would think it would be just like when you update your GPS with maps.

You may have to pay for it, but you would simply download the software to your unit.  And then simply register or input the devices information into the GPS and your done.  Pretty cool stuff.  

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In regards to GPS in the car, I feel the next step car manufactures should do is more closely integrate the entertainment system with a smartphone. Instead of each manufacture coming up with their own software, just allow the phone to handle it. Merely provide a touchscreen for more easily interfacing with the phone.

@ Victor

Yeah the options to use GPS technology and Smartphones is really endless. Its just a matter of the imagination and creativity.

@ Andrew.....thanks!

It's amazing what technology is developing into these days. Has this been launched yet? I haven't seen this happen.

@ Toyota.....

As far as I know it hasn't been launched yet. But it would be a good bet that they're working on it as I write this...;) Thanks for the comment...

Seems like a clever idea, but do you think this is another tactic so the government can keep an eye on us? I can see the goodness in this, but seems like our location will be able to be found anywhere.

Even though GPS's are a great do have a tracking device. Thanks for the comment