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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Simple Effective Artwork Create Striking Art

automobile airbrushing
There are myriads of types of art. Art work such as wall art, painting, crocheting, and the list continues on it seems forever. Did you know you can use your air compressor to create art? Sure ya can! I'll talk to you about it in this article.

Who's Who in Art

Who could we say the greatest artist in the world is today? There are many who we could say, are great artists in the world today. I think the answer to who is the greatest would ultimately have to be God.

All you have to do is just look around at the world you live in. It's pretty obvious. Nobody can top Him. In fact all that man can do is recreate what God has already done. But, in terms of human artists who could we say is the greatest?

It would be hard to say who is the greatest because of the diversity. The diversity of the different types of art that has been created. Some names that come to mind are..
  • Picasso - co-creator of the style of painting called Cubism
  • Leonardo da Vinci - The Mona Lisa
  • Michaelangelo - who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling
  • Claude Monet - a leading figure in Impressionism
airbrush tigerYou May Be Next

To capture a few. These artists went on to change the way we view the world in lots of respects. But how about you? Do you have a little bit of artist in you? Perhaps you have great art ability. Maybe with drawing or canvas painting or watercolor painting.

Maybe your really good at creating posters, or your a really great tattoo artist. There is no lack in the human ability to create art.

Try Your Hand

As mentioned earlier, I want to show you a rather simple way to use your air compressor to create art. In fact you can even have your children creating masterpieces with this type of art work.

You have probably already seen and heard of this type of art work. It's called airbrush artwork. This is the same type of airbrush art that you see at the county fairs and flea markets and such. You can create customized t-shirts your kids will love.

airbrush beach scenery

And many other types of work like fabric painting, wall art, and you can even create beautiful pinstripes on your automobile with airbrushing as well as complete paintings on them.

Get The Right Tools

To do airbrushing you need a tool that easily hooks up to your air compressor and will blow a stream of paint anywhere from an eighth of an inch all the way to about 3 inches wide. Depending on the type of tip you have on the tool. That air brush tool is commonly known as an air brush gun.

Some of those are gravity guns and some are whats called siphon guns. The gravity ones have a cup on the top of them that you pour the paint into. The siphon guns have a bottle underneath the airbrush gun. The paint is siphoned by the air pressure.

Either way works very well. This particular way of creating art has made a lot of people a very good living. Airbrushing art is such a beautiful way to paint that it can be sold because of its attractiveness, beauty and popularity.

Multiple Ways and Styles

It can be done on many types of materials to make a truly beautiful work of art. Materials such as...
  • Ceramics
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • And Plastic
airbrush clothingGet Your Family Involved

Just to name a few. With an air compressor and an airbrush tool the whole family can enjoy a new sense of artistry.

If you have an air compressor and have never thought about trying this kind of art work for your self, and would like to try your hand at it, I have found a very good quality airbrush tool set that is complete with all the tools you need to create beautiful works of art.

You can see it here.

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What an insight survey, I love your post.

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@Anonymous......Thanks for the comment...keep comin back!

I am an artist and have an air compressor AND you have peaked my curiosity -- I'll look at your air brush tools!

That's really very cool. I have always wanted to use an air brush and you have demystified it in a very brief article. I can see where people could get hooked on painting with air.

@Kedron....Thanks Kedron....I'm sure if you haven't tried it before you'll tap into a new and exciting way to create art.

@BuilderBob.....Thank BuilderBob, I know I'm always fascinated when I see another artist doing Airbrushing. I can stand and watch that for a long time....;) Great stuff!

You are absolutely right, GOD is the number one best artist in this world. :)

@Minerva......Absolutely Minerva.....there'll be nobody top Him!!

Thanks for the comment...come on back.