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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craftsmen Guide to Air Tools

air tool air grinder
Its a nice thing to have an air compressor for use at your home. Air tools and power tools are precisely what a man needs to accomplish all his home working goals. Pneumatic tools, as air tools are sometimes referred to come in many forms and sizes to help the home craftsmen get their projects done much easier.

Saving the homeowner many hours in labor whether your working with wood, metals, or any other type of material to accomplish the project. Doesn't matter if your building a dream home or just inflating a basket ball for your kids, there are tools available to you to help in getting done what needs to be done.

As you can see the air compressor is a very valuable tool to you. As I stated in my other articles, I think everyone should own an air compressor. That is if you don't mind working longer and harder at what ever project your looking to accomplish. Sometimes it just takes more than regular hand tools to git-r-done.

Strong Companies in this Market 

In this article I'll give you a guide to some of the various air tools available to you today. We'll touch on why just picking any air tool is not advantageous. It is important to choose the right one, and I'll explain that here as well.

There are many companies that make these tools for air compressors. Some of the more prominent ones include...
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Bosch
  • And Chicago Pneumatic

Making the Right Choice

It's important to make sure you choose the right air tool for the particular air compressor you own. When I say the right tool I'm not referring to the type of tool, but rather the rating labeled on the tool. For example, if your air compressor is rated at 130PSI (pounds per square inch) such as the Makita MAC700 I reviewed here on the site.

air tool grinder
And you use a tool rated at 170PSI, your not going to get the maximum power use out of that tool. On the other hand if you have an air tool rated at 110PSI and use it with the Makita MAC700 at 130PSI, your taking the chance of ruining the air tool very quickly. Not to mention possible danger to your self.

No, it is very important, that you take the time to match up the air tool's PSI rating with that of your air compressor's rating. In doing so you ensure not only getting the maximum benefit of the tool, but the maximum safety for yourself as well.

Understanding Air Tools

Always remember to match those together when purchasing your pneumatic tools. Now let's have a look at some of the various tools available to the homeowner. We will talk about each regardless of the type of project it is used for. There are many different air tools for the homeowner. This guide is also useful for the professional as well.

Pneumatic Drills:
  • These drills work just like any other drill. But are much more powerful than their counterpart electric drills. And way more powerful than the cordless drill. As with conventional drills, you can get all the different types of bits that go with it.
Air Grinder:
  • This grinder just like any other grinder comes with many different grinding bits for it's use. It can also be used for some sanding projects as well.
Pneumatic Hammers:
  • These hammers cannot only be used to hammer with like a conventional hammer, but they come with different bits for chiseling and chipping as well. Woodworkers enjoy the benefit of this tool.
air tool impact wrench
  • These air tools you commonly see used at your local oil change garage. Not only to pump the new oil into your engine but also to grease your ball joints and tie rods of your automobile. If you have one of these tools you don't need to go to a garage to have your's lubricated anymore!
Air Nail Guns:
  • There are 3 different types of nail guns in use. They are, Framing Nail Guns, Finishing Nail Guns, and Roofing Nail Guns. Some of these types are automatic firing, and some are semi-automatic. Careful use is required for these.
Air Paint Sprayers:
  • These come in a couple varieties. Primarily they are used for automobile painting and the like. Also as indicated in my article "Simple Effective Artwork Create Striking Art", paint sprayers are used in beautiful airbrushing art.
Pneumatic Ratchets:
  • These air tools are used just like their counterparts called the socket wrench. Only with much greater power for those stubborn rusted on nuts and bolts. And can be used with many sizes of sockets available.
Air Sanders:
  • Similar in use to the grinder, the sander has many types of sanding bits that can be applied to it. These are widely used in the auto body industry.
Air Saws:
  • These tools come in a couple of forms. Called power cutting, they come in a circular version and a hack saw type as well. Used primarily in cutting metals.
Tire Inflators:
  • Pretty much self explanatory. These are also used for inflating sports balls and the like.
Pneumatic Wrenches:
  • The place you probably see these used the most is in Nascar. Whenever the driver comes in for a pit stop and they change tires you see this tool used to make the tire change very quick. Also called Impact Wrenches.
 The Wrap Up

air tool nail gun
These are some of the various wonderful tools available today for you if you have an air compressor. If it wasn't for the many varied sizes of nuts and bolts, I believe air tools would make regular conventional hand tools obsolete.

Air tools, also referred to as pneumatic tools, have several advantages over electric power tools. For one, they offer more torque and power than conventional power tools. They also are generally more durable than their electric counterparts because they have fewer moving parts.

Let me reiterate it again, everyone should own an air compressor.

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Wowza! I had no idea there were so many air compressor tools. I like the sound of those pneumatic wrenches but they sound high priced if you see them mostly used in Nascar. Just thinking of it as an xmas gift for the hubbie! Good guide, Kev - Thanks.

@Kedron.......Yeah theres a lot of air tools available. Its nice to have a good assortment of them in your shed or garage with your air compressor.

No doubt the Nascar people use top of the line ones, but you can find good priced ones for your home as well. Christmas already!! C-mon lets get past halloween first...hahaha

Hope everythings going good over at the Relief Shop for you guys.

Thanks for coming by.....