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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

See Practical Ways to Furniture Upholstery Cleaning and Upholstery Fabrics

genuine leather upholstery fabric
Along with cleaning your carpets, rugs, and floors comes the furniture upholstery cleaning. Cleaning upholstery can be a much more tedious task depending on the size, shape of your furniture and where the stains your trying to remove are located on the piece your trying to clean.

There are all kinds of things that can destroy upholstery fabrics as well as stain them and cause unwanted odors. Some of those things that you're probably familiar with are..
  • Pet Stains
  • Food and Drink Spills and Stains
  • Cigarette Burns and Stains
  • Ink, Wine, Dirt, etc..
These are just a few.

Then you have the things like the cat scratching on the upholstery fabric that over time will destroy the upholstery. Other ways to destroy the upholstery are people who sit on the furniture with sharp objects in their pockets, long toenails on the dog will tear the upholstery over time, and using the furniture as a step ladder to get up high for whatever reason.

There are lots of ways our upholstery can get destroyed. But, in this article I want to give you some practical ways to keeping your upholstery clean. This article will not deal with upholstery repair.

What is Upholstery

woman relaxing on clean upholstery
There are lots of people who ask the question "what is upholstery?" Well quite simply, upholstery is the material that covers your furniture's padding and frame. Whatever that may be. Whether a sofa or couch, lounge chair, mattress, box springs for your bed to list a few.

In fact you can upholster any piece of furniture you can think of. There are 3 primary types of materials that are used as fabrics for upholstery. They are...
  • Cloth Materials
  • Leather Materials
  • Vinyl Materials
There are also different grades and thicknesses of these materials. Of course most furniture already comes with upholstery. But some people over time get tired of the original upholstery and like to change it. Upholstery fabrics come in all kinds of patterns and colors to choose from. These can be purchased on the internet and at your local upholstery fabric store or outlet.

Practical Upholstery Cleaning

Now, there are multitudes of upholstery and furniture cleaning products available on the market. But these furniture cleaners are fairly expensive and may not do what you want. As well as these chemicals may destroy the coloring in your fabrics.

You have to shop extensively to find the right cleaner product to fit the right cleaning situation that your trying to accomplish. What I'm going to give you here are some easy home furniture upholstery cleaning ideas that work very well on a multitude of stains and marks. Here they are...

Number one...
  • Soft Brush and Vacuum Weekly
Use your vacuum sweeper hose and a brush to loosen the dirt and suck up the dirt and dust from your furniture upholstery. In fact, if you have a carpet steam cleaner, such as the one I reviewed right here on the site, your a big step ahead of everybody else who doesn't have one. Why?

woman steam cleaning upholstery
Because these machines come already equipped with the upholstery cleaning tool. With the added advantage of hot steam to break down dirt, dust and stains and get them out easier. It is highly recommended that you obtain one of these easy, powerful cleaning tools!

Number two...
  • Make Your Own Foamy Detergent
You make this by mixing equal amounts of water and soap detergent. Do not use Laundry detergents. Some of these contain bleach and will ruin your colors in your fabrics. Use liquid soaps like Dawn detergent for dishes.

Simply mix these in equal amounts and then use an electric hand mixer and whip these together until its a nice creamy froth. Then use a sponge, brush or rag and scrub it into the stained areas and rinse. Works very well on most stains.

Will also remove most odors from the upholstery as well.

Number three...
  • Make a Shampoo Cleaner
No not with the carpet shampoo from the store. Save your money! Heres a better and just as good idea. Use the hair shampoo that you have already. Mix equal parts with water and agitate until foamy. Use a sponge, brush or rag.

Works well on greasy or oily stains on the upholstery. After all, it gets the oil out of your hair doesn't it? It's a perfect fit.

Number four...
  • Use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
You probably have this item already in your bathroom or cupboard. This item is already known to clean, disinfect, and sterilize. Think it will work on fabrics as well? You bet'cha! Although when you use it, be sure to spot test an area to make sure it's not going to ruin any colors in the upholstery fabrics.

Stretching Out The Upholstery Conclusion

woman enjoying clean upholsteryThere are 4 practical solutions to furniture upholstery cleaning. Stay home! Save your money! And use what items you already have available to you to get the job done. Not only that, but you don't pollute the upholstery fabrics with possibly dangerous chemicals from the store.

Upholstery cleaning doesn't have to be hard. It just has to be done. When you do it, do it the easy way by creating your own solutions. You'll be very proud of what can accomplish and know the chemicals that were used to clean it with. That they are safe for you and your family.

Unless you haven't noticed, all these ways I've given you to furniture upholstery cleaning, are entirely non-toxic. And you already have most of these probably in your home. Thats my goal here at this blog, is to help you get the most for the least amount of your hard earned money.

I hope that is what you see here, and that it is a great benefit to you.

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