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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schedule to Keep Makita Blower Engine Clean

makita small engine
It is imperative to clean and maintain your tools in an orderly fashion. If you want your tools to work well and give you good service for many years, you should do this regularly. This prevents corrosion an premature break downs.

Especially where power tools are concerned. Any gas powered or tools with small engines, need to be inspected and cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. Not only for good continuous operating performance, but also for safety purposes.

This article will specifically focus on how to clean and maintain your Makita Gas Powered Leaf Blower. Focusing primarily on my reviewed product of the Makita model BHX2500CA Gas Powered 4-stroke CARB Compliant Blower. However, these procedures can be great reminders for all small engines as well.

If you purchase this fine model blower, it would be of benefit for you to come back to this website and print this article off and staple it to your garage or shed wall. That way you'll always have these points right in front of you to help remind you and guide you in the maintaining of your Makita Blower.

Let's Get Started

For the Makita Blower there are 4 primary things that need to be done regularly.
Those things are...
  • Changing the Engine Oil
  • Inspecting and Cleaning the Air Filter
  • Checking and Changing the Spark Plug (if needed)
  • Cleaning the Fuel Filter & Replacement (if needed)
When you purchase your blower and its brand new, the first recommended time for change of the oil is after the first 20 hours of operation. You should use SAE 10W-30 weight oil. The same you would use for your automobile, as it is a 4- stroke motor. Here are the procedures for that:
  • Confirm that the gas tank cap is tightened securely
  • Loosen and remove the oil cap
  • Tilt the engine to the blower port side and drain
  • Stand the engine back up vertically
  • Refill oil
Make sure to snuggly tighten the oil cap as it contains the oil gauge. The next oil change and all subsequent changes should be every 50 hours of operation. Also use an appropriate container to drain the oil into. Next up is the Air Filter. You should inspect and clean the filter every 10 hours of operation. These are the procedures:
  • Remove the air cleaner cover bolts
  • Pull the lower side of the cover and detach it
  • Make sure to turn the choke lever to the full close side
  • Inspect the filter element, it should be clean with a slight oil film to it
makita blower maintainance

For heavy oil contamination and dirt, clean with gasoline. As gasoline is a hydro-carbon and will cut through the oil acting as a degreaser. After cleaning the element, let it dry, and place a small amount of clean oil, about 2-3 drops, and work it in to the element with your hands. Leaving a small film of clean oil in the element. Continue on...
  • Clean the element felt with gasoline if needed
  • Clean the air filter cover
  • Attach the cleaner cover and tighten with the bolts
  • When remounting place the upper claw first then the lower claw
Next check the Spark Plug of the motor. The spark plug should be checked about every 100 hours of operation. The procedure is as follows:
  • Locate the plug cover
When opening the cover, apply fingers to the main handle and plug cover projection. Push up the projection and slide the cover in the “OPEN” direction.
  • Remove the spark plug using the box wrench that came with your tool kit
  • Check the electrode of the plug
Check the gap between the electrodes with a spark plug gap tool. The gap should be between 0.7 - 0.8mm. Adjust if necessary. If there is heavy contamination of the electrodes, then replace it with NGK-CMR6A or equivalent. Otherwise...
  • Re-install the plug and snug it down with your box wrench
When closing the cover, slide the cover in the “CLOSE” direction till the click under the plug cover projection rides over the engine cover. Finally, push in the projection. Next check the Fuel filter and clean or replace if necessary. This should be done about every 10 tanks of gasoline. These are the procedures:
  • Remove the fuel tank cap, drain the fuel to empty the tank
  • Check the tank inside for any foreign materials. If any, make sure to clean these out
  • Pull out the fuel filter with wire through the oil filling port
  • If the fuel filter surface is contaminated, clean it with gasoline
  • Reset the fuel filter in the fuel tank and tighten the fuel tank cap firmly
A clogged oil filter may cause difficulty of startup or failure of engine speed increase. Make sure you perform this as it is important. Now, here also is the proper way to store your Makita Blower for the winter months and beyond.

This is commonly called "winterizing." This should be done whenever you're storing any small engine for a long period of time without use. Start the winterizing by removing all the gasoline from the engine. Remove the fuel filter by the earlier instructions. Push the primer pump until all gas is removed from there. makita quiet and efficientReset the fuel filter in the tank and tighten the cap. Try to start the engine up. If it starts, let it run until it stops.

Remove the Spark Plug per the earlier instructions. Place about 5 drops of clean oil into the cylinder. Gently pull the starter handle about 3 times so the oil will spread around the cylinder walls. Re-install the spark plug and store your Makita Blower in a dry place. Your good to go!

The Wrap

I know this is a hard schedule to keep up with. But, I promise you, that if you keep as close to it as possible, your Makita Leaf Blower will last you many, many years beyond what you thought possible. I hope that this article is of benefit to you.

Thanks for coming by...