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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There Are other Fun Uses for Your Leaf Blower!

leaf blower powered bike
A leaf blower is a fairly harmless tool. And there are other fun things that can be done with a leaf blower. In and of its self the leaf blower can't harm you unless you deliberately tried to hurt yourself with it.

For example to deliberately hurt ones self with it, you'd have to...
  • Insert your finger into the fan housing
  • Insert the blower end into ones mouth
These are the only ways that anyone could get hurt with a leaf blower, which I don't condone by the way. It's not advisable to let a child under the age of 10 play with a leaf blower for these reasons.

However at 10 and over there are some fun things you can do with a leaf blower to pass away the time. Kids and adults can enjoy these ideas which we'll get to in a moment.

Get The Most Out Of It

I've written several articles that show you how to get the most out of the leaf blower. As well as help maintain the engine for optimal years of service to the homeowner. Those are easily found here on the site for your enjoyment.

In this writing I wanted to show what I've come up with in terms of fun that you and your family can have with a leaf blower as a past time. Although a leaf blower is not a play toy per se, with a little creativity and imagination you can have some safe fun with them.

These ideas although creative and fun do come with a degree of safety requirement that you should employ as you try these ideas. So with that said, let's get right into it.

Let The Fun Begin

Most of the ideas can be done for little or no money. Just use your imagination and with materials you already have on hand if possible.
  • A Hover Craft
You can make a hover craft that the kids will love and have fun and play for hours. Simply take a piece of 1/4 or 1/2 inch ply wood, either square or round. Make about a 3x3 foot piece.

leaf blower hovercraftDrill a hole the size of the opening of the Leaf Blower pipe to one side of the wood. Install a hook ring near the edge of the wood platform. Take a piece of plastic, like an old shower curtain type plastic and cut it.

Trash bag plastic won't work, it's not strong enough. Cut it to about 4 inches wider than the wood. Lay the wood and center it onto the plastic and staple the extended part up over the wood and then use hundred mile an hour tape (you know what that is "Duct Tape"). Seal the stapled edge with the tape.

To prevent air from escaping. Tie about 100 to 200 foot of rope to the hook ring. Insert the Leaf Blower pipe into the hole you drilled in the middle. The Leaf blower will be standing vertically on the short pipe.

Have the child sitting on the wood platform and hold the Leaf Blower with both hands. Fire up the Blower. At idle speed you should have enough air blowing into the hole to fill up the plastic.

Wallah you have a homemade hover craft. Just pull them along with the rope on the driveway or sidewalk. May possibly work on the grass as well. Although there is a guard covering the fan of the Blower, make sure the kids understand not to hold the Blower at that point.
  • Leaf Blower Powered Skate Board
Its no secret kids love the skateboard. With a little imagination you can give them a self propelled one. This may require a bit wider skateboard than the usual.

There are some boards that are wider than others. You may need to create one. It should be wide enough to secure the Leaf Blower to the middle of the skateboard with the Blower pipe protruding off the board about a foot.

The kids should be able to place their feet to the sides, either one in front of the other as they usually do or so they can kneel on all 4's would be the best for stability. Create a way for them to be able to increase the throttle to make it go faster.

You can use bungee cords to secure the Leaf blower to the Skate board. Be creative with securing it. There you have it, hours of fun with a Blower powered skateboard.

The possibilities are unlimited. Here are some other uses for it without the explanation. Just use your creativity.
  • Leaf Blower powered Bicycle
  • Leaf Blower powered Boat
  • Leaf Blower power on Roller Skates
  • Tease the dog with it....this is fun!
I'm sure you can come up with more than these.

The Wrap Up

turbo power by leaf blower
What a great invention the Leaf Blower is. There are lots of things they can be used for. Their almost like computers. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

If you need a good Blower, you can read about a good one for the money right here on my site by clicking here. Use your Leaf Blower to clean up the yard and to have fun with, all at the same time. The whole family can enjoy them.

But always remember to take safety into consideration when having fun with them or working with them!

Thanks for coming by...


I'm in love with the hover craft out of a leaf blower - very crafty of you Kev! My husband and brother-in-laws can spend a lot of time at family gatherings flying around those little helicopters. Sometimes one will zip into the room and bop one of us girls on the head ... I’ll have to show them this leaf blower hover craft; what a fun way for them to spend time with the kids and family!

@Kedron.....Hi Kedron, I haven't seen you around in a while? Glad you came back....

I like those little helicopters myself...anything radio controlled has my attention...there fun to play with.

Yeah you can definitely have some fun with a leaf blower....just have to try to keep safety in mind a little....but what a blast a little hovercraft...;)