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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret to Save Money by Using a Special Vacuum

cutie with her leaf blower
Everybody needs a vacuum. The vacuum helps keep us clean and free from disease. The vacuum even helps to keep the air that we breath cleaner. I say God bless the person who invented that wonderful tool!

It used to be, years ago, considered a cheap thing to take your car to a car wash. Even going to a professional car wash where they wash and clean your car for you, was cheap. We all know that the times have changed, and to most people its not cheap anymore.

A Thing of The Past

Thats sad isn't it. You take your vehicle to a professional car wash, where you wait while they do the work, and you're going to spend anywhere between $10 to $30 bucks and even higher not including tips, depending on the side of town it's located in.

Even the coin operated ones you're looking at spending no less than $10 dollars to do it your self. Oh, and I've been to those kind to. The car wash with the pretty girls standing on the street corner saying "free car wash" turn in here.

Well those are not free either. They expect a "donation" to help with their cause. I'm going to help you save money by showing you a secret trick, if you will, with the best vacuum, that you can knock out 2 birds with one stone.  But, you need to have this power tool to do it with.

The special vacuum power tool you need is the leaf blower. Thats right, most leaf blowers can be converted into a vacuum. Not only can it be used to blow your leaves, but it can also be used as a leaf vacuum.

What you're going to do with the leaf blower is use it to help clean your car. The two ways you'll do this are these...
  • Blow Out
  • And Suck Up
Sounds almost obscene doesn't it. If you're one who likes to keep his/her automobile clean then you'll love this.

Congratulate Your Self!

First of all, use your favorite car wash soap and wash your vehicle clean. After rinsing it off, don't get your usual towel to dry off your car or truck. Use your leaf blower to dry it for you. A bit of money saved there. Pat yourself on the back!

Now time to clean out the inside of that vehicle. But first you must convert the leaf blower into a vacuum. How do you do that?

To illustrate for you, I'll use the Makita Leaf Blower that I reviewed here on the site. Since I already have the schematics, it will work nicely as an example. However these steps should be equally useful for most leaf blowers.

Changing Blower to VacuumThe schematic illustrations are on the right there. First: make sure the engine is shut off. Then -
  • Remove the Assembly Blower Pipes

    blower conversion
  • Remove the screw holding the Fan Protector
  • Remove the Protector
  • Install the Vacuum Pipe
  • Make sure the indicator on the Pipe lines up with the indicator on the fan motor housing
  • Turn the Vacuum Pipe clockwise to lock it into place
installing blower pipe
  • Install the Elbow Pipe and shoulder held Dust Collector Bag
1.) Open the fastener of the dust bag

2.) Insert the elbow into the dust bag and
     push it out through bag’s entry

3.) Install the elbow on the blower.
dust bag    Turning it counterclockwise to lock it on

There you have it. Pretty easy huh! Now, fire up your leaf blower vacuum and clean the inside of your vehicle. Then, pat yourself on the back the second time because you just saved yourself anywhere from $10 to $30 bucks or more by not going to a pay car wash!

vacuum final stepNot to mention, this power tool even saved you a little bit of elbow grease as well.

To Sum It all Up

The leaf blower could very well be the best
tool in your garage. Bar none. It is a versatile
useful tool. With many uses. Just use your imagination.

If you don't have one of these versatile tools, but you'd like to get in on the money saving action, read my review of the Makita 4 Stroke Gas Powered CARB Compliant Leaf Blower. You'll see that one is the best quality blower for the least amount of money.

Heck, you'll even save money on that purchase. Thats how you roll!

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I laughed and laughed reading about blowing your car dry - what a great idea! Just like the hand dryers in bathrooms; why not! Thanks Kev, good post.